Because we have been so programmed with what we think we should look like that we judge ourselves harshly and this causes depression.

I would like to share my story of what I went through…

8 years ago I went through an emotional life experience that we all go through at times.  I did not have the tools or support to know how to defeat the horrible food habits I adopted.

I was confused and lost, I gained 10kg in days’ time.  I couldn’t look myself in the mirror for months without saying something negative.  This leads to more depression.

Until that one day, I just decided this is enough I have to change things and this is where my journey started…  I took a nutrition course and started exercising I was my first client and transformed my body in 45days:

Then came my second life journey experience:  I lost the weight and looked amazing!  But now I was obsessed with diets and diet pills THINKING that it was the only way to keep it off and I was so WRONG!!!

I went on every diet I could find just to catch myself binge eating again then talking negative to myself because I was overeating and then punished myself with over training, it was a never ending cycle.  At the time I did not realize how much I was harming my body.

I went through very dark days and nights until 2021 I won my own battle = ME! I was able to face all my inner conflicts and overcome them and that is WHY I can and want to help women get through this battle we have with ourselves.

DONT believe in DIETS they DONT work!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe in identifying your personal health goals and creating a healthy balanced meal plan that suits your lifestyle and environment with the services I can offer you.  We are all different and face different daily challenges therefore we ALL need motivational assistance, guidance, and knowledge to make your health goal transformational change and maintain it.

Everything happens for a reason but we still create our own reality and can choose to take action to heal ourselves.

If you have ANY inner conflicts or challenges with food I can help you overcome them.

If this article resonates with you, you can take the first step and reach out to me so that I can help you achieve your health goals and maintain them through giving you the motivation we all need, tools, guidance, fun challenges and a healthy mind set.

My VISION & MISSION is to help ALL WOMEN in need of assistance to gain back their confidence that we were born with.  I want you to stand in front of YOUR mirror and confidently SAY:     I love and accept myself.

You Motivate me so let me Motivate you!

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